• Crypto and Bitcoin

    This is it! The Crypto episode, it is the one topic that has been asked for again and again, so you get it! We cover how it all began and the two nerds that Dave and Jonathan are early forays into crypto before it was cool! How did we all get from spending 20 BTC on a cup a coffee to the total market cap exceeding $2.5 Trillion (That is Trillion with a T). This podcast seeks to unwrap some of the babbozzling parts of crypto explain what it is all about. Well we give it a red hot go at least!\r\n\r\nThis topic turned out to be too huge, so join us next episode when the crypto experience really takes off!

  • Chipageddon

    You may not know it, but we are currently experienceing the first chipageddon ever! Basic microchips are in short supply, but fundamental enough that car manufacturers are have to stop factories and layoff workers.\r\n\r\nWith the advent of computers, it allowed us to deploy Just In Time manufacturing. Parts are dispatched just before they are needed, and system that is so perfect it falls to pieces when a global lockdown forces workers to reduce capacity.\r\n\r\nThis isn\'t limited to just chips. Supply issues can be seen every where, bikes, cars, computers, toilet rolls, books for christmas and even cardboard!

  • The Trolley Problem

    There is a runaway trolley, heading down a track, that will kill 5 people if you do nothing, but you can choose to divert the train and kill one person! What do you do?\r\n\r\nThis is The Trolley Problem!\r\n\r\nWelcome to the world of moral psychology and how the thought experiment above is having real world discussions in the space of autonomous vehicles, covid lockdown and vaccination protocols, AI assisted medical diagnosis and much much more.\r\n\r\nWe discuss how simple systems get complicated very fast when you put a fast moving ton of metal onto the streets where it can interact with the unaware population going about its day to day life.

  • Value Tag (Podcasting 2.0 part II)

    Well we\'re back and we have unfinished business. In our last epsidode we started discussing he RSS tags added to help make podcasting more searchable, and like a good cliffhanger we finished before even getting to the value tag. Nothing seems to have energised the podcasting community like the value tag.\r\n\r\nThe value tag has been, depending on where you stand, proposed or introduced to the RSS standard for podcasting, well what it is and how does it work. Getting paid for podcasting by the people who are listening, is that even possible?\r\n\r\n YES!\r\n\r\nIt starts off simple enough, but before long we are well deep into the crypto world of bitcoin, lightning, trust and trustless systems, n entry ledgers where n>2, Wild!\r\n\r\nFor the record this podcast is v4v compliant and has an active ligtning address, feel free to pop us a boost. If you want to do it old schoole here is an address:\r\n\r\n03c457fafbc8b91b462ef0b8f61d4fd96577a4b58c18b50e59621fd0f41a8ae1a4

  • Podcasting 2.0 part I

    And we are back again talking about podcasting and the big fight against the walled gardens and their deep pockets. It took, 150 million to pay of Joe Rogan, we won\'t be as cheap!\r\n\r\nDave explains to Jonathan what podcasting 2.0 is and where it is going, sexy things like RSS feeds and meta tags, we go nuts! It turns out to be such a massive project, we run out of time, so we\'ll be back to cover the one topic that gets left as a cliffhanger, what is it? Join us for part II!

  • How to podcast?

    This episode we discuss how does one start a podcast? Everyone talks about wanted to do one. Dave walks Jon through the process of how ones gets going, from recording remotely, editing, hosting and the gate keepers themselves the podcast directories, we get into it all! TLDR; Just start right now!\r\n\r\nNext episode we show you how to google google!

  • Mask Wearing

    Lets talk about wearing masks. Some people have to wear masks as part of their day to day life, now the whole world is in some way used to wearing a mask to get about their day. Dave and Jonathan are happy to wear masks for the risk prevention the afford, maths is on their side, however it doesn\'t mean that they like them. Dave has taken up chewing gum to counter act his bad breath!\r\n\r\nWhile also big fans of a good conspiracy, we still struggle to figure out how to send a wireless 5G tracking microchip down a hypodermic needle. Do you know how hard it is to get a 5G modem to work? I mean seriously! The person/company who achieve that will not do it is secret, they\'ll take that company public and be the biggest IPO ever seen! Just sayin!

  • Phreaking

    This episode we go back and cover the modern ancient history of phreaking. A skill that was impressive the American government was terrified that the hacker Kevin Mitnick could launch a nuclear missile merely by whistling down the phone.\r\n\r\nDave and Jon recount their small exposure when information between computers was actual done by sound!

  • Sneakers – A Retrospective

    This episode Dave and Jon discuss the classic 90s movie, Sneakers. A moderately successful film on release in 1992, it turns out to be one of the most prescient and […]

  • Machine Learning

    What is Artificial Intelligence? What is Machine Learning? In this episode Jonathan explains some of the base ideas behind these terms to Dave and a few other things.\r\n\r\nThis is a podcasting 2.0 compliant podcast.