• Lambda: The Sentient Chatbot and others Stories

    So the story goes that Sentient chatbots walk amongest us! Is it true? Or is it false? If you said it was a null statement you may have just outed […]

  • Coinageddon

    Welcome back to... the end? We had a lovely epsiode lined up and then the whole crypto market decided to punch itself in the face, so we decided to cover that instead\r\n\r\nIs this the end? We don\'t know! But while history might not repeat itself, it certainly rhymes and we put on our pundit hats to talk about LUNA, algorithmic stablecoins, Terra, Tether and what ever your having yourself! Welcome to the crypto winter (again!)\r\n\r\n#crypto #luna #terra #btc #winter #cutebunnyrabbits

  • Technology at War!

    We are talking about what every one is talking about, War! Even though Ireland is probably the furthest point in Europe from Ukraine we are beginning to see the effects at the fuel pump and in cyberspace.\r\n\r\nWhat does war look like now where soliders can be on insta live at the same time! Were the HSE ransomware attacks in early 2021 actually some early moves on bringing about the world Sneakers predicted?

  • Slaughterbots!

    This episode we cover the amorality of technology and how it butts up against the messy real world of people and trying to model things like language and intent as implementation requirements. Hilarity ensues!\r\n\r\nIn 2017 the video Slaughterbots! was posted on YouTube that showed a black Mirror like future where assassin drones existed and got slightly out of hand. This video was targeted at all the designers and engineers that could actually build something like that and to consider some of the less savory practical applications that their work could lead to.

  • Metaverse

    Whooosh, that is the future! Dave and John bring to you the very first podcast from the Metaverse. First the suggestion was to do a podcast about the Metaverse, then someone suggested lets do it in the METAVERSE! So we did it!

  • Blender

    This week we discuss one of the biggest success stories in the open source world, Blender. Some people take up golf but instead both Dave and Jonathan took up blender and like golf you can spend years working on your technique.\r\n\r\nWhere did Blender come from, what is it now and where is it going? THe guys recount their experience with this awesome tool. Blender could quiet literally save the whole world, or a few med-range computer animated movies.

  • Web3

    Well it is the new year (2022) and there are new words! Web3 is the one of new buzzword floating around, but what is it? Morketing 101 or the beginning for something new? With a new Matrix film about too we dive into a brand new world, but maybe it is the old world wearing a different suit! We don\'t know, but someone is going to make a pants load of money for sure!

  • NFT and DAO

    Just in time for Christmas (2021 for whoever is keeping track) we finally get to discuss where crypto is going. NFT, DAO, fungible, what does it all mean and do I need a cream for that? Everything you wanted to know about decentralized autonomous organization and decentralized prediction markets, but were afraid to ask! Will it reinvigorate the art market, or is it the same man wearing a different suit?\r\n\r\nWe break down, break out and break up some of the lingo to see if there is anything to the hype, the answer may surprise you ... (its yes BTW!).

  • The Ghost of Crypto Present

    This episode we continue on our crytpo discussion we, what is crypto in 2021? It has been compared to tulip mania so many times now, we can safely say, it is not tulip mania.\r\n\r\nDave and Jonathan have been charting the crypto seas now for over 10 years, what have they seen and what can they unsee.\r\n\r\nAnyone buying or selling shovels!

  • Irish Tech Charts

    Very excited in Podonaut House, we are one spot away from the top ten Irish Techonology charts. TED Radio Hour we are coming for you!