• Cargo Cults

    In this episode Dave and Jonathan ramble on about cargo cults and how humans develop ritualistic behaviors that completely miss the point of what they are trying to accomplish. In programming, business management and even in science itself there are many examples of people doing silly things while appearing to look like they are working.\r\n\r\nlinks:\r\nAnimal superstition:\r\nEasily hacked certificate authorities (Diginotar):

  • Zero Day Exploits

    Welcome to the first podcast co-hosted by Dave Keeshan and Jonathan Byrne. Starting from the topic of Zero Day exploits Dave and Jon discuss how some of the decisions made by the likes of the NSA make in a backroom affect the day to day life of you an me. Will you ever look a trust the same way again?\r\n\r\n\r\nMeanwhile Jonathan begins to learn the art of podcasting.