You may not know it, but we are currently experiencing the first chipageddon ever! Basic microchips are in short supply, but fundamental enough that car manufacturers are have to stop factories and layoff workers.

With the advent of computers, it allowed us to deploy Just In Time manufacturing. Parts are dispatched just before they are needed, and system that is so perfect it falls to pieces when a global lockdown forces workers to reduce capacity.

This isn’t limited to just chips. Supply issues can be seen every where, bikes, cars, computers, toilet rolls, books for christmas and even cardboard!

This podcast will help you get ready for the Mad Max induced Bartertown that will be in all our futures! I get to be Aunty Entity.

Max Zorin : Gentlemen, for centuries alchemists tried to make gold from base metals. Today, we make microchips from sillicon, which is common sand; but far better than gold. We are now in the unique position to form an international cartel to control not only production, but distribution of these microchips.

Photo by Laura Ockel on Unsplash

Dave Keeshan
Jonathan Byrne